Christmasing and A Reminder

I should haul the good stuff out more often
but the china is stored in a closet
with a million other things that I would have to dig through in order to retrieve it
and it is such a treat to only use it for special occasions.

Christmas Dinner is one of the special occasions.

The dinner took most of the day to make
mostly due to the number of side dishes and new recipes.

No, I didn’t make enough courses to use up all the plates I set on the table
but it was pretty that way

Cipollini onions with herbs and two vinegars

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Lessons are Messy

Last Sunday I was baking the cake for Monday
with a speed not normally seen in my house.

I usually bake the cake on Sunday
then make the frosting and decorate on Monday night.

(I’ve also been known to procrastinate
and do everything on Monday.)

That places me at Lil’ Ol’ Bar at around 8:45 – 9:00p
despite my best intentions of getting there at 8:30p.

there’s always a missing coupler
fallen cake layer
or not enough frosting
and before you know it
I’m running behind.

(We all know the procrastination part
would never play a role in getting to the bar late.)

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Things I Did This Year and Didn't Write About

All day long I go around writing in my head.

I construct grand entries
witty one liners
things that happened I want to remember
or I take a million photos of something to document later.

Then the kitchen needs cleaning
the dogs keep bringing me their toys to play fetch
hair needs washing
and I fall asleep, exhausted and feeling behind,

At least, that’s how I feel
until December rolls around.

December holds the key to self-redemption in the Blog Universe.

I can dump everything I wanted to write about
(but was too busy throwing slobbery, dirty Kongs around for our dogs to get to)
in a grand ‘look back’ entry
and no one will think twice about it.

In fact
people may hope that January will see a turn around the bend
and that I’ll post more often.

It’s nice in my head you know.
Lots of puppies and dandelions.
No alarm clocks, either.

Without further ado/procrastination
I present to you the things I did this year and didn’t write about:

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