Our Garden Grows Quite Well, Thank You

I haven’t been cooking very much lately. Instead we’ve been working on growing.

Growing our garden

and remodeling the garden.

Last year we had down newspaper and straw in the walkways:

It looked fine at the beginning of the season, but after rain and a hot summer we were left with slimy, half-decomposed strands that slipped around underfoot. We decided this year to upgrade to something that would be more welcoming to bare feet and multiple visits in the garden a day.

Trevor dug out about 4 inches of dirt, laid crushed stone, and is in the process of laying flagstones.

Tiny is fully supportive of our decision and decided to help every step of the way.

With all of Tiny’s help, the garden walkways started to take shape.

The rock pile dwindled

and on this rainy Saturday the garden looks like this:

We need more crushed stone and more flagstones, obviously. River stones will go in between the flagstones and we’re ready for Tiny to undo our work every day by transporting the small stones around the yard. But that’s a baby’s duty. We will try to keep him corralled to the garden when he’s interested in playing with rocks so we’re not constantly picking up small stones out of the grass.

Our seedlings are growing and growing

but not quite fast enough for my liking. I had hoped they’d be twice this size by now since we’re planning to plant them in only a few weeks. Last year we bought plants and put them in the garden but Trevor wanted to start them all from seed ourself this year.

Even if our seedlings are a little small and slow, our strawberries are quietly promising us berries in a few weeks.

While I’m not cooking much lately, we are growing and growing. By the time the garden slows down for the fall we’ll have a new sprout of our own.

Since he was such a big help with the flagstones, we’ll have to talk Tiny into helping with midnight feedings. He can warm up a bottle for his sibling, right?