My Sous has a Pickle and The Judgmental Garden

One morning recently
I couldn’t sleep.

Tiny had been up for hours in the night
my husband was on a string of night shifts
always causing me to sleep poorly
it was hot.

I couldn’t sleep,
even in the morning
after we surrendered to a higher electricity bill and turned on the window AC unit,
even after Tiny fell asleep and my husband came home and slept beside me.

I tried to sleep.

On my back, on my side
on my stomach with arms above my head
foot out of the covers.

Eyes open,
and I can’t say ‘against my will’ or ‘against their will’
because they were most willfully open and they are quite a part of me,
I tried to decide what to do.

Weed the garden? No.
Clean the bathroom? I’d rather weed the garden.
Make bread? Too damned hot.

Foot under the covers.

My husband slept beside me
Tiny in the room across the hallway
dogs in their kennel downstairs.

My stomach growled.

No bread, but food
most definitely.

I got up
one foot and then the other
down the stairs.

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Homesick Texan's Squash Enchiladas

An almost Wordless Wednesday.

We all know I talk WAY too much to be wordless.

I am a giant fan of Lisa Fain
also known as the Homesick Texan.

I’ve followed her blog for a while
but only recently started cooking from it.

I’ve been thrilled with the outcome of the recipes I’ve tried
and now I’m waiting not-so-patiently for her cookbook.

I made her squash enchiladas
when I was pregnant
before our kitchen remodel
when I was drowning in the neighbor’s good (?) intentions of giving us squash.

Summer is here
and soon the squashes will be piling up again
especially now that we planted our own garden.

We only have one zucchini plant
but we’ll be able to turn down the neighbor when he comes sauntering up with a basket of squash.

Or maybe he will leave it on our porch in the middle of the night
giggling as he runs away.

(I don’t know.
I’m not sure if I could see him giggling.
He works utilities and is pretty tough.)

A note: the enchilada sauce is good enough to eat on its own.

Make a double batch of the sauce.
Put the extra over beans
top with shredded cheese
and you have fantastic emergency food in the freezer…
if it makes it to the freezer before you eat it.

For the sauce:

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